MMTV on Dutch National TV! | オランダのテレビにマンマが出ました! | MMTV op Nederlandse TV!

日本語下記 — Nederlands volgt hieronder:

Hi all!
We were on Dutch national tv yesterday! The NPO3 (channel 3) travel show '3 op Reis Midweek' showed parts of Mamma Mima TV's episode on Awa Odori! You can check the full episode below!
And if you're in the Netherlands, you can check out the full episode at this link:

昨日、オランダで「3 op Reis Midweek (3 オップ ライス ミッドウェーク)」というトラベル番組にマンマが出ました!テレビの全国放送で4分ぐらいでした!オランダにいる方は下記のリンクでオンラインで見てね!

Hallo iedereen!

We waren gisteren te zien op Nederlandse nationale tv! BNN's travel programma '3 op Reis Midweek' op NPO3 liet fragmenten zien van onze aflevering over Awa Odori (je kan de hele aflevering hieronder bekijken)!
Heb je de uitzending gemist? Dan kan je 'm hier nog even terug kijken:

MMTV on Japanese National TV | マンマミマTV、NHKのEテレに出ました! | MMTV op Japanse TV

MMTV on Japanese National TV | マンマミマTV、NHKのEテレに出ました! | MMTV op Japanse TV

Mamma Mima TV on Japanese national tv!

Mamma Mima TV on Japanese national tv!

日本語下記 — Nederlands volgt hieronder:

Hello everyone!
Did you catch Mamma Mima on NHK Educational TV last Friday? If not, check out the link below for a short video!

金曜日に放送された NHK Educational TVの「2020TOKYO みんなの応援計画」見ましたか?マンマミマ、いっぱい出ましたね!シェリーさんと坂本千里子さんがコメントしてくれました!

Hallo iedereen!
Afgelopen vrijdag was Mamma Mima op Japanse nationale tv! Klik op de link hieronder voor een kort filmpje!


Mamma Mima TV on NHK's new show! | マンマミマTV、NHKのEテレ新番組に出る!

Mamma Mima TV on NHK's new show! | マンマミマTV、NHKのEテレ新番組に出る!

The Mamma Mima TV crew on Mt. Tsurugi.

The Mamma Mima TV crew on Mt. Tsurugi.

- 日本語下記 | Scroll verder voor Nederlands -

Hello everyone!
The NHK (Japanese national broadcaster) did a piece on us for their new tv show! Translated directly, the show is called '2020 Tokyo: Everyone's supporting projects'. Actually, some of you may have spotted the film crew in the background of the Mt. Tsurugi episodes!
This new show will be broadcast throughout all of Japan this Friday (September 30th) at 10pm on E-Tere (Channel 2)! For more info, check out the link below. Don't miss it!

この間、NHKが新番組の企画でマンマミマTVを取材に来てくれました!Eテレの「2020TOKYO みんなの応援計画」という番組です。
マンマミマTVが出る「2020TOKYO みんなの応援計画」の初放送は今週の金曜日(9月30日)、Eテレ(2チャンネル)午後10時です!

Hallo iedereen!
De NHK (de Japanse nationale omroep) heeft een item gemaakt over Mamma Mima voor hun nieuwe tv show! Direct vertaald heet de show "2020TOKYO: Iedereen's Ondersteunende Projecten". Sommigen van jullie hebben misschien wel de filmploeg gespot in de achtergrond van de Mt. Tsurugi episodes!
Deze nieuwe show zal komende vrijdag (30 september) om 22u in heel Japan worden uitgezonden op E-Tere (kanaal 2)! Check voor meer info de link hieronder. Mis het niet!


MMTV in Dutch media! | MMTVがオランダのメディアに出ました! | MMTV in Nederlandse media

Hello everyone!
Pyke went back to the Netherlands this summer, and appeared in regional and national Dutch media! Take a look below!
Hallo iedereen!
Pyke was deze zomer even in Nederland, en verscheen daar in lokale en nationale media! Neem hieronder een kijkje!

'NOS op 3' is the social media arm of the Dutch national news broadcaster, NOS.
オランダの全国ニュース局のNOSのSNSの部分は「NOS op 3」といいます。
'NOS op 3' is de social media kant van de NOS.

'RTVNH', the largest regional broadcaster in the Netherlands did a video on Pyke & Mamma Mima TV...
Het grootste regionale nieuwsstation van Nederland, 'RTVNH', maakte een video over Pyke & Mamma Mima TV...

...and 'RTVNH' also did a separate radio interview!
...alsmede een radio interview!

The famous national radio station '3FM' also did an interview!
Het nationale radiostation '3FM' had ook een interview!

Haarlems Dagblad (Sat. July 30th, 2016)

Haarlems Dagblad (Sat. July 30th, 2016)

And lastly, we were featured in a two-page spread in several regional newspapers throughout the country!
En tot slot verscheen een artikel van twee pagina's in meerdere lokale kranten!

Interview on TV Tokushima Morning TV Show! | 朝番組の生放送にマンマミマTVが出ました!

The hosts of 'Asagohan tabeta?' with MMTV's cameraman & Pyke. 「朝ごはん食べた?」のアナウンサーの二人とマンマミマTVのカメラマンとパイクです。

The hosts of 'Asagohan tabeta?' with MMTV's cameraman & Pyke.

Mamma Mima TV's host, Pyke, was on Cable TV Tokushima's morning show 'Asagohan tabeta?' ('Did you have breakfast?') to promote Mamma Mima, which is currently being broadcast several times a week on the tv channel.
You can watch the show here (Mamma Mima's item starts around 7:40am (see the clock in the upper left corner)):


Mamma Mima TV Will Be On Cable TV Tokushima!

- English below! -






Hello everyone! We have a special announcement!

Starting this April, Mamma Mima TV will be broadcast weekly on Cable TV Tokushima (also known as TV Tokushima)! People in Tokushima prefecture can catch the show every Monday on channel 111, at 11:00, 13:45, 17:15, 18:30 and 22:00!

The TV broadcasts will start with episode 1, so now you can watch Mamma Mima TV directly on your tv screen!

Thank you all for your support, and we hope you'll keep enjoying our videos!

Don't forget, you can check the newest episodes right here:

Mamma Mima wins another AWARD! - マンマミマTVに第2目の大賞!

Pyke accepts the award from the governor of Tokushima.

Pyke accepts the award from the governor of Tokushima.

Good news! After just winning the ICT Tokushima Grand Prix a mere two months ago, today we were honored to receive the Tourism Universal Grand Prix! Many thanks to all Mima fans out there! \(^o^)/

Producer Tanaka & Pyke with the award.

Producer Tanaka & Pyke with the award.

Featured on the local NHK news broadcast.

Featured on the local NHK news broadcast.

ここで動画見てね! | Check our channel here:

Signed X-Wing Giveaway! サイン入りのX-ウィングをプレゼント!

Signed X-Wing Giveaway! サイン入りのX-ウィングをプレゼント!


This contest is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated!

- X-Wing giveaway! English below! -


As a thank you to everyone who has supported our videos over this past year, we're giving away 1 (one) signed Revoltech X-Wing! This figure was made (and signed) by Mr. Manabe! To enter, simply 'like' our Facebook page, 'like' this post on our Facebook page, and leave a comment! You can comment about Mima, or your favorite Mamma Mima episode, for example! We will choose a winner next week!
You don't have to share this post for a chance to win, although sharing our videos is of course appreciated! Also, science has found that 'subscribing' to our YouTube channel has never hurt anyone, so why not give that a try if you haven't yet! ;)


Mr. Manabe's Mamma Mima Model Making:
Part 1 - 其の一:
Part 2 - 其の二:
Deleted scenes - おまけシーン:











Basically, we're three guys who want to do something for our fans. We don't want to flood everyone with legalese, and don't have the background to write fool-proof rules either. So just to make everything clear in as few rules as possible:

* Don't cheat! If we suspect cheating, we reserve the right to select a different winner.

* We will NOT use your information for anything other than this contest. If we get a really great comment we might use it for PR.

* We will randomly select a winner after the giveaway ends. We'll post the (nick)name of the winner on our Facebook page.

* We will also privately contact the winner via Facebook. If we can't make contact with you within a week, we'll select a different winner.

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* By participating in our contest, entrants agree to abide by all of the contest rules and regulations.

For any questions, feel free to send us a message on Facebook, or through the 'contact' page on this site!

JET Video Contest - JET動画コンテスト

Mamma Mima TV

- English below! -
みなさん、こんにちわ!私たちMamma Mima TVは先日、第5回愛して徳島大賞を受賞しましたが、このたびJET動画コンテストにも応募します!
JETとは外国から来た英語の先生や(パイクみたいの)国際交流員を日本に招くプログラムです。このコンテストは全国のJETたちが自分が住んでいる地域を紹介する動画を出展しているのでMamma Mima TVも頑張ってみます。
徳島と美馬を全国に発信したいみなさん、是非Mamma Mima TVに投票してくださいね!

Mamma Mima TV has just won the ICT Tokushima grand prize, but we won't stop there of course! Next up: The JET video contest!
This contest allows people who are on the JET Programme to submit videos about their areas in Japan, so of course Mamma Mima is going to join in! You can vote for your favourite video at the link. It's ONE VOTE PER PERSON PER DAY, so please consider some more votes in the near future as well! ;)
Let's get Mima and Tokushima some well-deserved attention! :)

This post was originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page. 'Like' us on Facebook for more updates!

Season 3 starts! シーズン3、開始!

- English below! -
今回は美馬市からではなく、徳島市に行ってきました!なんとわがマンマミマが、徳島県のノーベル賞とも言える ICT(愛して)とくしま の大賞に選ばれました!パチパチパチ

Hi everyone! We're back with Mamma Mima TV, season 3!
This time, we're not in Mima, but in Tokushima city, because Mamma Mima has won Tokushima's equivalent of a Nobel prize: The ICT Tokushima grand prize! Hooray!
Take a look at the award ceremony, and a speech by Pyke!

This post was originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page.

SNOW! 雪国!

Roads mostly empty due to the snow. 大雪のため車が少なかったです。

Roads mostly empty due to the snow. 大雪のため車が少なかったです。

It was quite a surprise earlier this week! A thick layer of snow in Mima! As many residents said, it was the first time in decades that it had snowed this much! The roads are clear at this point, but some places might still be icy, so everyone be careful!


Icicles on cars! 車につらら!

Icicles on cars! 車につらら!

Snow on a Japanese house. 日本の家に積もった雪。

Snow on a Japanese house. 日本の家に積もった雪。

Mima city hall. 美馬市役所。

Mima city hall. 美馬市役所。


Tokushima Shimbun newspaper, 20150115

- BIG NEWS in English below! -
なんと!我らがMamma Mima TVが!!大賞!!!
これからもMamma Mima TVをご愛顧くださいますようお願い申し上げます。

Good morning! It's a lovely day in Mima!
We can finally tell everyone the good news we received late last month. Mamma Mima TV has won a grand prize!
Out of 61 entries, the 5th annual ICT TOKUSHIMA GRAND PRIZE has been awarded to Mamma Mima TV!
We owe this prize to everyone who has helped us with the show, both in front of the camera and behind it. And of course, we owe it to everyone watching and sharing Mamma Mima! A very big, warm thanks to you all!
The award ceremony will be held this Wednesday in Tokushima city (see this page for details: ).
Once again, thank you all for watching! Let's make 2016 a great Mamma Mima TV year as well!

Originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page.


- English below! -
皆さんおはようございます!去年はいい年でしたね!2015年2月3日第1話が公開されてから、第39話までできました!その他、4Kやドローンのボーナ ス動画なども少しだけ入ってましたね。全世界から見られて、YouTubeの登録者が400人以上になって、チャンネルビューが2万突破しました!そし て、以前少し話したいいニュースも12月下旬入ってきました。残念ながらまだ報告できませんが、今月中旬ぐらいは絶対報告できるので、楽しみにしてくださ い!

Good morning everyone! 2015 was a good year! Mamma Mima started on February 3rd, and in 11 months, we got up to episode 39, not counting the 4K/drone bonus videos! The show is watched by people from all over the world, and the channel has gotten over 400 subscribers and over 20.000 views! And of course, like we said before, we got some cool news in late December! We can't talk about it just yet, but you'll definitely hear about it later this month!
In other words, we've had a great 2015, and we want to make this year even better! Thank you all for your support and have a very good, and very 'Mima', 2016!

Mamma Mima Episode 1 - Behind the scenes

The picture shows on of the very first shots we ever did for the show, back in January 2015!)

Originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page.


What's the difference between Awa and Tokushima?
Very little, actually

Awa was the old name for the area that is now called the Tokushima prefecture. When Japan was reorganized from feudal domains into prefectures, the name was changed too.
However, many people still use the name 'Awa' in relation to Tokushima, or Tokushima culture. The biggest festival, for example, is called the 'Awa Odori', or Awa Dance Festival. The local dialect is known not as 'Tokushima dialect', but 'Awa dialect.' And Western Tokushima is known by most simply as 'Nishi Awa', or 'West Awa'.