Tokushima Shimbun newspaper, 20150115

- BIG NEWS in English below! -
なんと!我らがMamma Mima TVが!!大賞!!!
これからもMamma Mima TVをご愛顧くださいますようお願い申し上げます。

Good morning! It's a lovely day in Mima!
We can finally tell everyone the good news we received late last month. Mamma Mima TV has won a grand prize!
Out of 61 entries, the 5th annual ICT TOKUSHIMA GRAND PRIZE has been awarded to Mamma Mima TV!
We owe this prize to everyone who has helped us with the show, both in front of the camera and behind it. And of course, we owe it to everyone watching and sharing Mamma Mima! A very big, warm thanks to you all!
The award ceremony will be held this Wednesday in Tokushima city (see this page for details: ).
Once again, thank you all for watching! Let's make 2016 a great Mamma Mima TV year as well!

Originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page.