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皆さんおはようございます!去年はいい年でしたね!2015年2月3日第1話が公開されてから、第39話までできました!その他、4Kやドローンのボーナ ス動画なども少しだけ入ってましたね。全世界から見られて、YouTubeの登録者が400人以上になって、チャンネルビューが2万突破しました!そし て、以前少し話したいいニュースも12月下旬入ってきました。残念ながらまだ報告できませんが、今月中旬ぐらいは絶対報告できるので、楽しみにしてくださ い!

Good morning everyone! 2015 was a good year! Mamma Mima started on February 3rd, and in 11 months, we got up to episode 39, not counting the 4K/drone bonus videos! The show is watched by people from all over the world, and the channel has gotten over 400 subscribers and over 20.000 views! And of course, like we said before, we got some cool news in late December! We can't talk about it just yet, but you'll definitely hear about it later this month!
In other words, we've had a great 2015, and we want to make this year even better! Thank you all for your support and have a very good, and very 'Mima', 2016!

Mamma Mima Episode 1 - Behind the scenes

The picture shows on of the very first shots we ever did for the show, back in January 2015!)

Originally posted on the Mamma Mima TV Facebook page.